Welcome to the first official Sukeban Games popularity poll, where we try to gauge the impact each of the characters had on you!

The rules of the poll are as follows:

You get to pick your top five characters. Each character will get points based on its position. The first will get 5 points, the second will get 4, and so on until fifth with 1 point. The popularity ranking will be determined by the amount of points each character has by the end.

If you pick the character more than once only the highest position will count. The characters will also be sorted afterwards. So if you vote “Jill, Jill, Sei, Dana, Alma”, it will be treated as “Jill, Sei, Dana, Alma, Null”.

The poll will close on March 12th at 10 p.m. PST

And this here is the poll itself (It will require sign-in to make sure everyone votes once or that voting multiple times takes more effort at least).

We’re eager to see your anwers, have fun!