The Lewd Report Vol. 3

And here it is, the third edition of the section where we show love to the people drawing our characters making love.

In The Lewd Report we give a shout out and share all the NSFW art we usually refrain from sharing elsewhere. Because we love to death anything VA-11 Hall-A fans make, but we also try to keep our social media feeds as clean as possible. If you get any awkward moments while browsing your feeds they certainly won’t be because of us… or at least not because we decided to share a pic with naughty bits.

Give us a shout on Twitter or Tumblr if you made or found any piece of art/cosplay/altar/etc anyone made. Sometimes people just forget to tag and we can’t share what they do if we can’t find them.

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Popularity Poll Results 2017!

The popularity poll ended and the results will surprise nobody!

An amazing total of 1318 people participated and chimed in with their opinions, resulting in 6590 votes… of which 3975 are null votes and account for 11832 unassigned points.

Now, here’s the full results!

  1. Jill: 2784 points
  2. Dorothy: 1471 points
  3. Dana: 811 points
  4. Sei: 606 points
  5. Stella: 558 points
  6. Alma: 468 points
  7. Anna: 170 points
  8. Gillian: 169 points
  9. Rad Shiba: 163 points
  10. Kira☆Miki: 161 points
  11. Streaming-chan: 153 points
  12. Betty: 129 points
  13. Virgilio: 54 points
  14. Deal: 51 points
  15. Donovan: 43 points
  16. Jamie: 36 points
  17. Mario: 30 points
  18. Gaby: 28 points
  19. Ingram: 25 points
  20. Art and Kim: 9 points each
  21. Nacho: 8 points
  22. Norma: 7 points
  23. Taylor: 4 points

And here’s some words from the top 10 themselves!

Kira☆Miki: Thank you! Thank you! Everyone who voted for me is also in my personal top 10 of amazing people! All of you tied on the number one spot. Can I get their names to thank them one by one? No? You sure? Pretty please? Oh, you didn’t ask for their names when voting. Bummer.

Rad Shiba: So every dog DOES have his day!

Gillian: Uh… thank you? This feels weird.

Anna: Yay! Thank you for ranking me so high in this not-so-reliable way to measure popularity! Especially considering that for the longest time people had no idea why they should even care about me.

Alma: Man, this kind of stuff is always great for your self-esteem. At least this time Anise Gregor wasn’t here to steal my victory by giving the judges a blowjob.

Stella: Hey Sei, people really love you!

Sei: And I love them too! B-But not in a romantic way, more in like a… platonic way? Is platonic a good word here?

Dana: So proud of y’all.

Dorothy: Thank you everyone! Dorothy loves you too!

Jill: …why?