VA-11 Hall-A, one year later

VA-11 Hall-A is one year old today, which also means Sukeban Games is on its third anniversary, though me and Lark have been making games for way longer than that.

Anyway, we are people of few words here at this company, despite the type of games we are known for. I don’t think we are exactly transparent either, even if we did unveil a game as soon as we finished its prototype.

Good thing we are not going to do that again.

We like to keep things for ourselves it seems, but one thing we can’t keep to ourselves is our huge gratitude towards each and every single one of you reading this. The success of VA-11 Hall-A is something that was beyond our wildest projections. To give you some perspective, my initial sales target for the game was something like 6000 copies.

The game has sold more than 150k copies since.

Basically Sukeban Games right now.


We didn’t even think we would get much fanart or anything of the sort, yet all our social networks are filled to the brim with wonderful fan work from all over the world, including cosplay and even a small doujinshi. That’s something I just can’t describe; it’s an otherworldly feeling. We are used to be the fans, not the creators getting all sorts of homages to their work.

And well, I don’t need to say that these sales numbers pretty much sealed our destiny. We’ll keep making games for a long time, so if you loved Valhalla, you’re in luck, or something like that.

God, actually, there’s a lot of stuff in my head I want to write about but I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like writing a big, thick and sweaty post-mortem about the game’s development, but at the same time I just want to go back to work and shitpost at the Valhalla Discord, which is like 1 year old too.

I guess the less I can do is talk about the future.

We have three games currently in production

Plus whatever quick stuff we come up with. We can’t say much about them because… well, it’s too fucking early. Valhalla was unveiled at day 0, so when it took like two years to be finished people were already lumping us with the likes of Wolf Girl With You, which came out around the same time as Valhalla funnily enough.

This, Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian all came out in the same year. It really makes you think.


What I want to say is that we’ll properly announce our new projects once we feel we have enough to show them, and are closer to their respective release dates. That way we won’t disappoint anyone with delays and all that jazz. We’ve learned a lot about the process of making games, and it would be silly to repeat the same mistakes that dragged down Valhalla’s progress, which existence is already a damn miracle considering we didn’t know shit about Game Maker (the program we used) back when we started, much less about finishing a full-length commercial videogame.

I just want to make sure everyone’s expectations are on check.

Oh, and before anyone says three projects are too much for two people; don’t worry about it. Just like Valhalla, we’ll adapt the scope of the games to whatever we can make at the moment, and being a company of two people doesn’t really mean we can’t get some extra help from cool freelancers. We are OK, seriously, we can handle it. We released a commercial videogame without leaving Venezuela in the progress, so nothing is impossible for us.

Our next big project will certainly surprise everyone, maybe due to its unusual genre, or maybe its graphical fidelity, we don’t know! We just like to experiment a lot with what videogames can do as we (hopefully) demonstrated with VA-11 Hall-A, so we hope you’re as excited as us, even if you have no idea what the heck we’re talking about.

I guess that would be all. I swear I had more in my head rather than just a bunch of THANK  YOU’s to give, but I guess this will do for now.

Nos vemos en Tres Alicias, and let’s hope the header picture makes sense in less than a year for all of you.


PS: I haven’t forgotten about my promise of official lewds if we sold 100k copies, I’m just practicing some more to do it justice. SERIOUSLY, STOP THE BULLYING.

PS 2: Valhalla will keep seeing some more updates in the future, mostly to add additional languages, but don’t expect new content.

Popularity Poll Results 2017!

The popularity poll ended and the results will surprise nobody!

An amazing total of 1318 people participated and chimed in with their opinions, resulting in 6590 votes… of which 3975 are null votes and account for 11832 unassigned points.

Now, here’s the full results!

  1. Jill: 2784 points
  2. Dorothy: 1471 points
  3. Dana: 811 points
  4. Sei: 606 points
  5. Stella: 558 points
  6. Alma: 468 points
  7. Anna: 170 points
  8. Gillian: 169 points
  9. Rad Shiba: 163 points
  10. Kira☆Miki: 161 points
  11. Streaming-chan: 153 points
  12. Betty: 129 points
  13. Virgilio: 54 points
  14. Deal: 51 points
  15. Donovan: 43 points
  16. Jamie: 36 points
  17. Mario: 30 points
  18. Gaby: 28 points
  19. Ingram: 25 points
  20. Art and Kim: 9 points each
  21. Nacho: 8 points
  22. Norma: 7 points
  23. Taylor: 4 points

And here’s some words from the top 10 themselves!

Kira☆Miki: Thank you! Thank you! Everyone who voted for me is also in my personal top 10 of amazing people! All of you tied on the number one spot. Can I get their names to thank them one by one? No? You sure? Pretty please? Oh, you didn’t ask for their names when voting. Bummer.

Rad Shiba: So every dog DOES have his day!

Gillian: Uh… thank you? This feels weird.

Anna: Yay! Thank you for ranking me so high in this not-so-reliable way to measure popularity! Especially considering that for the longest time people had no idea why they should even care about me.

Alma: Man, this kind of stuff is always great for your self-esteem. At least this time Anise Gregor wasn’t here to steal my victory by giving the judges a blowjob.

Stella: Hey Sei, people really love you!

Sei: And I love them too! B-But not in a romantic way, more in like a… platonic way? Is platonic a good word here?

Dana: So proud of y’all.

Dorothy: Thank you everyone! Dorothy loves you too!

Jill: …why?



Welcome to the first official Sukeban Games popularity poll, where we try to gauge the impact each of the characters had on you!

The rules of the poll are as follows:

You get to pick your top five characters. Each character will get points based on its position. The first will get 5 points, the second will get 4, and so on until fifth with 1 point. The popularity ranking will be determined by the amount of points each character has by the end.

If you pick the character more than once only the highest position will count. The characters will also be sorted afterwards. So if you vote “Jill, Jill, Sei, Dana, Alma”, it will be treated as “Jill, Sei, Dana, Alma, Null”.

The poll will close on March 12th at 10 p.m. PST

And this here is the poll itself (It will require sign-in to make sure everyone votes once or that voting multiple times takes more effort at least).

We’re eager to see your anwers, have fun!