Announcing VA-11 Hall-A: A Good Boy Edition for Nintendo Switch!

You wanted some, now you’re getting it.

VA-11 Hall-A is coming to Nintendo Switch in what’s arguably the best version of the game with A Good Boy Edition. This director’s cut includes many improvements over the original game such as:

HD rumble compatibility

You will be able to massage your body, mix drinks, and change lives with the latest haptic technology from Nintendo. The Jill experience has never been this real and fun for about 15 minutes!

3D Mode!

Every portrait can be SWITCHED to a cute 3D model of Dreamcast quality.

New Characters and collaborations!

We had a lot of game cameos from other games in the first version, but now we’ll include even more from many unexpected franchises.

Developed by Imag**poch!

A Good Boy Edition is being handled by the absolutely responsible folks at Image**poch. We had a meeting with their president and he seemed like a really chill dude who wouldn’t ever run away if this game bombs. Only the best for the fans!

It literally plays like Pap*rs, Pl*ase!

Due to massive player feedback, the gameplay will literally be identical to the hit indie game Pap*rs, Pl*ase. Now Fore will fucking die from hunger if you don’t get enough money. Also a lot of moral choices so the game stops being comfy.

New Playable Character!

Ever wanted to play as Gillian outside of the original Prototype? too bad! the new playable character is actually Rad Shiba.


We have many more surprises on the way. Please stay tuned for more A Good Boy Edition news!

18 thoughts on “Announcing VA-11 Hall-A: A Good Boy Edition for Nintendo Switch!

  1. Lost my shit at the papers please part. Always blows my mind how many people get upset at the game for not being what they wanted when it’s very up front about what it is.

  2. So you’re admitting this isn’t coming out on Switch because you wanted to make a joke of the idea of it instead? Thanks for nothing.

  3. So Imageepoch’s CEO isn’t slurry somewhere and instead has been bumming around with sukeban?

  4. RIGHT.
    i’m just about to lose my shit now.
    don’t toy with our emotions like that…..i drew up an entire saving plan just for this….

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