Regarding VA-11 Hall-A

My game has a black screen/I’m having problems with fullscreen. What should I do?

This is an issue exclusive to Windows 10, and the fix is to run the game in compatibility mode with Windows 8 or 7. However, the best solution is to simply thrash that piece of shit Windows 10 and get a real operating system instead of a meme one.

Can I make Let’s Play videos and monetize them?

Go ahead!

Can I sell Valhalla artwork and designs made by me?

Of course! just don’t use assets that belong to the game itself. For example, it’s not OK to grab a Dorothy sprite from inside the game to sell a pin or a shirt, etc. — but it’s OK to use Dorothy art made by yourself and sell it however you see fit.

Merch when!?

Handling merch from Venezuela is a pain in the ass and we’ve been looking for international partners to provide a quality service, and quality items for you to buy. We’re very close to get something done, so please have some patience!

¿Por qué VA-11 Hall-A no está en español si ustedes son de Venezuela?

Porque una traducción cuesta tiempo y dinero que no  teníamos durante la producción, y salía mejor negocio hacer el juego de cero en ingles.

Do you shill your game on /v/?

We can’t even post on /v/, though we bought ad space a couple times.

Lewds fucking when

As soon as I can make quality ones.

Regarding Sukeban Games

Are you still in Venezuela?



Personal reasons, but we feel we’ll have to leave sooner or later anyway.

Is it true that the venezuelan government doesn’t let you get out of the country for being a “cultural producer”?

No, though if they ever notice our existence that might happen, knowing the fuckwit we have as a president.

Then why do you never show up at US events?

The US embassy in Venezuela is understaffed because the venezuelan government doesn’t want to issue diplomatic visas, thus they’ve closed appointments for tourist visas since they can’t handle the high volume of requests.

So you can show up everywhere else, right?

Barring special situations such as delays in passport/visa delivery, airlines leaving the country because they don’t get paid, or because transport to the airport is dangerous due to protests/riots, we should be able to go anywhere except the US.